How to find out if your husband is cheating online: All you need to know

How to find out if your husband is cheating online: All you need to know

The primary goal of modern technologies aims at keeping people more connected. But ironically, it makes relationships more difficult than ever before due to the risk of online cheating. 

Online cheating includes flirting and sharing sexually explicit content, which is also known as sexting. While online cheating is not necessarily mean moving into a physical affair, it always leads to a lack of connection in the relationship. According to statistics, in online dating, approximately 50% of men will accept that they are married, while the other 50% will keep pretending that they are single or divorced. 

While during the honeymoon phase, people may wear pink glasses, rejecting that their significant other can cheat on them. But in fact, nobody can be 100% sure of someone else’s fidelity. Even the happiest marriages are at risk when it comes to online deception. 

Eventually, cell phones, tablets, and other technologies open the door to online cheating for deceptive partners. And, not having intimacy, cheaters convince themselves that what they’re doing differs from cheating. 

So, now you probably think, “How can I catch my husband cheating without him knowing?“. That’s simple. Here is a checklist of warning signs of a cheating husband. 

Signs that your husband is cheating online 

Password-protected devices 

If your husband is cheating online or only looking for a person to hook up with, it is more likely that he will protect his devices with strong passwords or pin codes. And you, as a spouse, obviously will not know them. 

Also, your husband may be secretive about using a laptop or tablet and close everything down when you walk into the room, it is a warning sign that he has something to hide. The same goes for when he is not willing to give you his devices for some time (e.g., to surf the Net). 

Secret social media profiles 

If your husband doesn’t follow you on social media platforms, it may be a sign that he has something to hide from you. 

Moreover, if your husband even follows you, do you know all the connections of your significant other? What about your husband? Knowing who your husband’s friends are on various social media platforms is always a good idea. And the same is about your usage of social networking sites.  

A total obsession with responding to instant messengers 

If your husband is obsessed with immediate response to text messages, instant chats, emails, etc., it is another sign that something suspicious is going on. 

Obviously, many people are addicted to digital devices and spend more time than they should. But if your husband spends hours chatting with someone else online, it is an evident red flag of a cheating husband. So, you need to keep a vigilant eye on the phone usage of your husband. 

Leaving a digital trail 

If your husband doesn’t have a password on his laptop, you may have a look at his browsing history. Having access to your husband’s browsing history, you can find out what your husband is up to online, e.g., to find proofs of online cheating or online pornography. Also, you can look for sexually-explicit photos, both sent and received on his device. 

Weird behavior 

The most obvious sign of a husband cheating online is his behavior. If your husband suddenly becomes very generous and extremely nice, it may be a sign that he is compensating for an affair.  

Double life 

Revealing dual identities, such as additional profiles or emails, can be a sign of digital infidelity. It is one that needs to be addressed both as a serious conversation about online betrayal, as well as the reasons for such behavior. 

What to do when your husband is cheating online? 

If you caught your husband cheating online, the first thing you need to do is to have a serious conversation. Share your thoughts about what you think is appropriate online behavior for married people. Establish clear boundaries and rules, so you both will understand what crosses the line.  

Keep the lines of communication open. Your significant other should always know who you spend time with and who you are talking to online. Keeping such things in secret, pose your marriage at risk. So, talk, talk, and talk to your husband. 

If you determined online cheating in your marriage, the other thing you need to do is to see a marriage counselor identify the root of cheating and find a reliable way to address it. Similar to other affairs, a person who has cheated needs to regain trust and reach forgiveness. It is a crucial step for moving forward.

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