Marriage Infidelity: Ways to know if your husband is cheating

Marriage Infidelity: Ways to know if your husband is cheating

No marriage is immune to infidelity. According to statistics, for men, cheating is more common than for women: 20% of men and 13% of women admit cheating with someone other than their significant other while being married. 

While some people are caught off guard by their partner’s infidelity, others may suspect it because their husband’s behavior is out of the norm for a long time. Taking into consideration that all couples are different, the sings of cheating also may vary. But, still, there are some common signs you need to look for. 

Beware: Signs that husband is cheating on you 

If your husband suddenly dresses up or his behavior changes, it may indicate that he has a love affair with someone else. But you need to keep in mind that it is not always the case. 

If your gut says your husband is cheating on you, it is absolutely understandable you want to find proof for your suspicion. While leaving a room to have a phone conversation may be linked to infidelity, also it may have other explanations.  Below you can find all possible signs telling that your partner is not faithful to you. 

Your husband is cheating on you if his preferences in intimacy and sexuality have changed:

  • Your husband has no interest in intimacy and finds silly excuses for his unwilling to have sex.  
  • Your intimate life is very poor and boring, and your partner is okay with that. 
  • You have sex less than 1 time per month or don’t have it at all. 
  • Or has new preferences in sex that were hidden before (e.g., desire to try new toys or try new sex positions). 
  • Your husband asks to have a threesome or similar experiments. 
  • You’ve got STD (sexually transmitted disease), but you haven’t cheated on your husband. 

Your husband is cheating on you if he has an unexpected change in habits: 

  • Your husband doesn’t say, “I love you” anymore. 
  • Your partner spends less time with you; instead, he is chatting online. 
  • Your husband says that you have nothing in common.
  • Your husband has a sudden interest in his appearance. He is dressing nicer, looking nicer, etc. 
  • Your partner starts a new hobby that requires a few hours outside the house.
  • Your partner is secretive about his time spending. 
  • Your partner stays late at work day after day. 

Your husband is cheating on you if his attitude towards you suddenly changes 

  • Your husband shows signs of low self-esteem.
  • You notice that your husband is confused about his appearance and self-worth. 
  • Your husband continually criticizes you, your appearance, behavior, etc. 
  • Your husband constantly quarrels with you. 
  • Your husband is defensive when you talk about infidelity.
  • Your husband blames you for cheating, which is a defense mechanism for his actions. 

Your husband is cheating on you if you caught him lying about different things 

  • Your husband avoids your company.
  • Your partner is secretive about his free time. 
  • Your husband doesn’t want to go out with you or do anything together. 
  • Your partner is deceptive about a variety of things. 

Your husband is cheating on you if he is indifferent towards you

  • Your husband is bored with you, kids, your marriage life, and many other things. 
  • Your spouse is lazy when it comes to helping you around the house. 
  • Your husband ignores family events, holidays, and birthday parties. 

Your husband is cheating on you if he has money issues 

  • You noticed suspicious cash withdrawals or credit card charges that your husband can’t explain. 
  • Your husband blames you for overspending, and money is the main reason for quarrels between you both. 
  • Your husband doesn’t want to plan large purchases (cars, real estate, trips, etc.)

Your husband is cheating on you if his habits in technology use have changed

  • Your husband changes a password for his device (laptop or smartphone).
  • Your husband spends a lot on social media platforms.
  • Your spouse cleans browser history on his device. 

All these may be warning signs that your husband is cheating on you with someone else like a friend, colleague, or any other person you don’t know. 

What to do when you suspect your husband is cheating

If you plan to confront your husband with allegations of cheating, be ready that in the majority of cases, they will be denied. If you don’t have any steady proof or strong evidence, it is more likely that infidelity wouldn’t be admitted. The signs above will help you to find out if your husband is cheating on you. But if you need to be 100 % sure in your husband’s infidelity, you may need to get professional help to catch a cheating husband red-handed.